Our Beers

Below are descriptions of our 6 flagship beers.  To keep tabs on our limited release beers and seasonal offerings, follow us on our social media channels!


Yaak Attack IPA—Big in hop aroma, flavor and bitterness; this light reddish orange award-winning India Pale Ale is for the hop lovers, employing CTZ, Crystal, Chinook and Cascade hops.  A bright aroma of citrus and pine leads to flavors of orange and grapefruit  followed with a light honey sweetness and crisp resiny finish.  ABV=6.6%  IBU=65


Ross Creek Red—Specialty malts lend a creamy caramel sweetness with an undertone of toasted nuts to this malt-forward, award-winning ale with a deep amber red hue.   A lightly roasted aroma with a hint of chocolate leaves you desiring just one more sip.  ABV=6.5%     IBU=27


Hoodoo HefeweizenAmerican-style wheat beer displaying a light noble hop character and less yeast character than their German cousins. Enhance the flavor experience with a slice of orange or lemon in this award-winning beer!  ABV: 5.5%  IBU: 20


Bobtail Blonde—This easy drinking ale is very accessible to most palates. A good transition beer from Lager to Ales, it includes a light malty base that is balanced with a very light, crisp hop finish and a mild, earthy aroma.   ABV=5.5%      IBU=16


Peak Baggin’ Pale Ale—This bright amber-hued ale has a touch of citrus on the nose.  Northwest hops are upfront boasting flavors of grapefruit and orange, and a moderate bitterness is balanced by the sweetness of caramel malts.   ABV=5.8%     IBU=30

Black Paddle Oatmeal Stout—This light to medium bodied stout is perfect for easy sipping. The addition of oats to the mash not only adds a smoothness to the mouth feel but gives a touch of sweetness unlike any other type of stout.  Creamy and delicious.  ABV=5.8%     IBU=25